Retro sci fi art part2: 10 retro futurism images

Here is the second instalment of retro futurism art work. Sci-fi paintings, airbrushings or photos from the pre digital-art era.

I hope you liked the previous set of retro futurism images. This time around there’s a couple of images that look 60s or ealier which have a kind of military astronaut theme. I don’t think the really weird sci-fi stuff came about until maybe the 70s. Then things seemed to get less weird in the 80s as far as I can tell.

That’s why all the best dystopia future movies were made in the 1970s if you ask me. Think Soylent Green, The Omega Man, THX 1138, Planet of the Apes (well, 1968) and so on. Hmm, Charlton Heston was in three of those. He must be the mascot of retro sci-fi!

Ok, enjoy the future…

Come back soon for more of those!

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