Stay in Wonderland

andy walsh

I’m Andy Walsh, a concept artist and digital illustrator working in the entertainment industry since around 2012. In that time I’ve worked in video games, film, television and table top games among other stuff.

This site is both my portfolio and blog where I discuss my process through digital painting tutorials, techniques and general stuff about improving one’s level of skill as a digital artist. Here’s a bit of blurb about me and my work:

This site is essentially my art portfolio so that potential clients can view my work and see if my style could benefit their project. Take a look at my list of services on the right and view my portfolio. There’s something in there for just about every client but I specialize in environment concept art as well as more stylized/cartoon style art work and visual development. Stay in Wonderland has been my personal web site since 2002 and I pride myself in answering every email promptly so if you need anything, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!

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