Free cloud brushes for Photoshop

Free cloud brushes for Photoshop CS3 (and maybe other versions) for near photo-real clouds!

So I decided to make and give away some free cloud brushes I made in Photoshop CS3. I reckon they might be forward compatible so please comment with any issues and I’ll maybe just give away the original images.

Click here to download the free cloud brushes!

Here are demo images I made with each brush to show them off a bit. These took less than seconds by the way and were each made using only that individual brush.

Example Free Cloud Brush 01

Example Free Cloud Brush 02

Example Free Cloud Brush 03

Example Free Cloud Brush 04

Although at this stage the blog is new, should these kinds of things prove popular I shall create more. So comment away to let me know your thoughts either way.

Hope you enjoy the free cloud brushes!

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Concept Artist in Seattle
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8 Responses to Free cloud brushes for Photoshop

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  2. nico says:

    Thanks for the brush, it looks great!!

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  6. BrianB says:

    Thanks ! very useful .

  7. Peter Baker says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing these! You’ve got quite a talent, sir.

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