Planet of the Apes Cartoon Poster

Here’s an idea I had for a retro sci-fi futurism poster featuring a comic style for a made-up Planet of the Apes cartoon…

Planet of the Apes Poster

Retro sci-fi Planet of the Apes cartoon poster:

Planet of the Apes retro cartoonI really enjoyed making this one as, for me, Planet of the Apes is the be all and end all of retro sci-fi futurism in movie form.

I wanted to make something that was part graphic and part illustration with definite retro feel.

Here’s the pencil sketch:

Planet of the Apes cartoon poster

So I just scanned it in and started to ‘pen tool’ and ‘lasso’ my way around photoshop. With a wee bit of air brushing too.

This would, in my opinion, make one hell of a cartoon series. So I designed this poster for the even that such a 1968 cartoon version of Planet of the Apes would be made. Awesome.

Or maybe it could be an animated feature cartoon. One can dream.

Stay tuned for more retro goodness!

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