Retro sci fi art part4: 10 retro futurism images

Here we are in the fourth installment of the retro futurism art collection. This time we’re looking at space colonies! ‘Groovy’.

Retro futursim & Retro sci fi art

This time around, for the collection of cool 60s/70s futuristic art, we gather imagery from Syd Mead among others.

This kind of art could actually be seen as yesterday’s architectural visualisation of tomorrow. There was a lot of such visualization commissioned by NASA and one or two of the following images were taken directly from NASA who appeared to have an interest in space colonies many years ago. Cool!

Here are the 10 retro futurism gallery images, hope you enjoy!

Below are 3 retro sci fi art paintings that I made. I get a few enquiries regarding such imagery so feel free to contact me for commissions.

Please visit my portfolio to see more of my art work or click the ‘Digital Painting Tutorials’ category under ‘Blog Categories’ to see how I made these.


Structurous Anomalies - Retro Futurism

Stay tuned for more retro sci fi art!

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