Digital painting study: Roman Ruins

This week’s painting study is of a roman temple featuring some awesome lighting.

Roman Ruins - digital painting

Here’s the stock photo I used for my digital painting study.

Roman Ruins - Stock Photograph

I wanted to use a photograph with intense sunlight and hard shadows so I scoured deviant art for a long long time. It’s hard searching using terms like “sunlight” or “shadow” so it’s a bit of luck when you happen to find a batch of images that suit your needs.

If you click on the above photo it will take you to the deviant account of the photographer. They have a few similar to this and I think such an image makes for a great lighting study.

Here’s my digital painting…

Roman Ruins - Digital Painting Study

It was actually meant to be a speed painting, for which I allow 2-4 hours but it turned into a full blown 3 day detailed painting study! I was quite exhausted as painting stones and bricks is very hard to cheat or fake.

The file was only 2500 px wide and I usually go double that for a serious painting but like I say, I was expecting to throw it together in a few hours!

Anyways… stay tuned for the tutorial where I’ll go through many progress steps!

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