Digital painting study: Ocean Rocks

Here’s a digital painting study I worked on today of a rocky beach (a few WIPs included).

Ocean Rocks Digital Painting Study

Here’s the source file I used for reference:

Ocean Rocks Digital Painting Study

I wanted this painting to be pretty quick and loose so my canvass was only 2500 px wide.

Here’s WIP 01:

Ocean Rocks Digital Painting StudyHere’s WIP 02:

Ocean Rocks Digital Painting StudyAnd here’s the final piece:

Ocean Rocks Digital Painting StudyI used only a few different brushes – pretty much all default chalk. I say ‘default’ but I generally take the photoshop default chalks and just tweak them so they look a bit more powdery – usually this involves a duel brush or texture brush added to it (or both in the case of one of my chalk brushes).

Stay tuned for more digital painting tutorials, freebies and inspirations.

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