Retro sci fi art part1: 10 retro futurism images

Retro Futurism is the ‘buzz word’ for classic sci fi as seen in 60s, 70s and possibly 80s. Here’s the first of many image collections here on SIW.

Man I just love the retro sci-fi art style. The basic premise is: it’s around 1970, you need to imagine 40-60 years into the future and all you end up with is the present but with a bit more utopia, flying things and shiny things. Welcome to the wonderful world of retro futurism.

Think Shatner, think A Clockwork Orange, think Heston and so on. All of that stuff I just love. Their vision of the future was so naive and yet stylish.

So without further delay, I present to you the first of many image collections of that great period in history – the future…

Hope you like these. Stay tuned for much more of the same.

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  2. Eon Works says:

    These are great! I especially like the Paul Lehr covers.

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